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Healing is Believing - Podcast Series

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We welcome all those who wish to understand the deeper meanings of what life is all about and what it truly means to be alive in this time of excess spiritual pollution. 


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Q7 Revival Meditation

Meditation is something that everyone can benefit from. No matter your age. It has many physical benefits such as improved cardiovascular, central nervous and improving mental focus. The reality of what makes a meditation process different above another is the level of consciousness of the Teacher as well as the permissive reality of micro-vibrations of certain sounds that the Heart of the universe responds to. Our meditation practice is formulated from the classical teachings of The Saints of God within Islam descending back to the ancient teachings of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him and His Holy Family).    

The Teacher

The Truth and The Light

Throughout the world people are looking for answers in a spiritual manner to handle the many ills that challenges their well-being. People are afraid; no matter if the fear stems from political, or economic problems; or from physical, mental or social issues. Individuals and groups throughout the world are crying for answers. They look for solutions through astrological signs, metaphysical thought, new age spirituality and traditional religion. But, very few can openly, clearly and honestly state—that they are at peace; except for the charlatans and false prophets who are exploiting the weak and confused for personal game. The seekers of truth and peace are left with doubt and uncertainty.


The human family must return to the original fabric of God’s law and decrees. God promises love and prosperity to the human family. He sent messengers such as Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad to present a simple message of unity, peace and loyalty to God. However, most of the human family has failed to honor God’s contract. In this light, just before the dreadful day—God promises to send his emissary as a last warning before the coming of the Messiah and the Mahdi. The one who has come is the Qutub.


The Qutub is a near perfect human that is a spiritual leader with a divine connection to God. They are only known to a few trusted mystics who are directed to spread the message of unity, and unconditional love of God and the healing power through his emissary—The Qutub. Prophet Muhammad spoke of a Qutub in detail to one of his greatest companions—Abdallah ibn Mas’ud, who was considered the companion most like the Holy Prophet. Mas’ud, a person of African decent was born as a slave. However, upon his liberation he forcefully spoke out against oppression, mistreatment and bigotry. In fact, he was beaten severely by the heathens when he recited the Quran in front of the Ka’ba in Mecca. In personal discussion with the Prophet, Mas’ud records in his Hadiths that special “ones” are sent by Allah as saintly reminders. Prophet Muhammad considered Mas’ud to be the fourth greatest scholar of the Quran.


Al-Hakim al -Tirmidhi, was a Sunni jurist and one of the most influential Muslims of all time. One of a select few in the ancient world that mastered the five sciences; Mathematics, Logic, Music, Medicine and Astronomy. He supports the notion that one is to come before the Messiah and Mahdi to warn and lay a foundation for the healing of mankind. He calls that one—The Qutub. Due to the Allah’s will; the Qutub is present. He is here to heal the community of humanity to exterminate the spiritual and physical ills that bind us in a state of confusion and misguided activities. The Divine Hydration Therapy Water that you purchased was blessed by this divine figure. Like John the Baptist who used water to change the spiritual level of the human being to become followers of God; and like Jesus who used water to heal the sick and the blind; and like the Zam Zam water of Mecca—that has miraculous healing properties. The blessed water by the Qutub will negate the negative components that has one’s life in a state of ill thought and activity. The water will replenish the lost energy and restore your mental and spiritual direction. This is the Qutub’s blessings to you from the creator.