Divine Hydration Therapy

Did you know water holds memory?

Water has been used as a purification tool from ancient times. Human civilizations have been harnessing the raw power of water for millennia but as our ways of living have advanced it seems that our understanding to the classical spiritual sciences of water are largely misunderstood. However, through the efforts of such notable scientists such as Dr Emoto and Dr Batmanghelidj to name a few - modern scientific methods have been used to discover that water indeed does contain hidden secret properties. It is alive.


During the mid 90’s a man named DR Masaru Emoto began researching water in depth by freezing samples from all over the world and examining the molecular structure under a microscope. What he found was that clean spring water molecules held beautiful geometric patterns while polluted water molecules were distorted and somewhat unpleasant in their formation. Furthermore Dr Emoto began exposing the water samples to different kinds of music, thought vibration and phrases. What he found was oddly fascinating. He discovered that the human consciousness can transform the molecular structure of water. Multiple samples of water from the same source were subjected to different emotions and the frozen for assessment. 


The samples that were exposed to anger, hatred, and aggression appeared to take a deformed and random molecular form. What does this mean? This means that water can carry intention, sending the strong energies through your water can cause you to ingest these negative attributes. This is why many religions carry out baptism and send a prayer to water before submerging the patron.


 It is from the understanding that water has consciousness that classical healers all over the world were able to prescribe blessed water for their patients. Those connected to the higher states of spiritual consciousness did truly indeed have much more wisdom of the world around us. The quality of the water we put into our bodies makes a huge impact on not only our physiological health but also our spiritual health.


We are after all, 70% water.


Just as how nature is set out in an order of rank within divine accuracy - such is also the spiritual blessing of such faith healers who have attained the higher dimensions of consciousness through years of selfless sacrifice to Humanity. What makes our Divine Hydration Therapy different is to do with the activation at the atomic level of the water and that is part due to the spiritual station of The Qutubh (i.e. axis) of Our Time. The water blessed through our Association has helped heal many patients all over the world suffering with ailments, bringing clarity and improving the overall spiritual health of the individual. It helps to act as a leverage system to intercede for the individual helping them to bring them back to a balanced spiritual state and through our complete spiritual cleanse program this effect is permanent. So why not enquire today and see what the fuss is all about - we know what you are thinking - its just water...If so, what have you got to lose? Truly, Healing is Believing.