Podcast Series - Healing is Believing

1. Thank you for tuning into our first podcast series - we begin with the question, are you at Peace. We appreciate your kind support in our causes of healing the mind, body and soul through spiritual healing. We invite you to partake on this journey with your hosts QW & Imaam Saab so you too can illuminate your inner light.

2. Welcome you to listen to today’s Podcast release - “What is Negative Energy?” Create a harmonious environment to your spirit so that negative substances can excrete from the body. We are a perfect creation of God and human beings are a favored creation. Energy comes in different manifestations and the ultimate energy comes when one is on the Path of seeking nearness to God receives ultimate energy. The energy healers from Reiki is different compared to energy of a “Saint”. The Reiki assistance is short lived and does not heal a person on a higher dimension such as mind body soul and spirit. For Saint is one with God- this is a different level reality and that this is the highest “Muhammadin” reality to put into perspective. In terms of history, saints have done the most sacrifice and gifted to perform miracles of God who bestows the vessel to help all of humanity regardless of gender, age, class, social status, race.  Our latter times is eminent of negativity from mental health, stresses, anxiety, medical ailments- the Divine Clinic Foundation is here to heal and help restore balance from within so that there is true peace of heart, pure love and pure light to illuminate the soul.  Save a soul, save humanity. 

3. Just released our new Podcast episode. What is Purification? Transparency, Honesty, Integrity are means of keeping our hearts clean. This is a complex process as there are seven levels of consciousness and under each level there are infinite levels in understanding God. In understanding purification its important to understand esoteric way of purification. This will lead to enlightenment. From a Healing perspective this will allow one to reach Nearness to Ultimate Truth & Nearness to Peace. Spiritual Cleansing allows one to align themselves to their higher self which starts from character building from morality, ethics, upholding justice and abstaining from what is false. The essence of cleansing is to remove negativity in the environment and personal state so that a positive spiritual state can be attained. Toxic environments affect people from reaching a higher state of consciousness. True purification can comes when one is purified by the hands of a spiritual master by the one who has attained nearness to God such as saints. Its important to have protection of spiritual guide in spiritual growth. The heart will tell you if your master is guiding you in the right direction. Prophet Muhammed (PHUH) is the most pure that has walked this life and we know to become pure there is great amount of responsibility. Healers that deal with negative energy removal need to be careful as that negative energy can affect themselves or family members if they themselves are not purified. Therefore, it’s important to cleanse the inner to the outer. The man who knows the spiritual station of others knows his spiritual station. 

4. Negative energy is heavy and dense. Vampire energy is a name for characteristic vibe of those who, for a multitude of reasons, squash dreams, create confusion, wreak havoc and make strong, happy, talented, earnest people feel small, ineffectual and weak. I invite you to tune in and listen how spirituality is the essence of our existence and the ultimate solution when it comes to healing in a toxic world lays in a spiritual life cleanse to bring back balance in our lives, households, communities, nations, countries for a better world. Real grateful for our "righteous" teacher here to save souls save lives. This reflective discussion with Imaam Saab from Europe, Dr. Vibert White Mohammed from Florida (academic professor and spiritual advisor to the Ar-Raheem Center- The Divine Clinic Foundation-(TDCF)) and QW from Toronto. This featured segment focuses on the essence of divinity and need of healing in a Toxic World. Surely, the services offered at TDCF such as a Spiritual Cleanse brings ones spirit back to balance through purification by divine intervention. In conjunction with Divine Hydration Water Therapy not only heals one from the inside by removing negative toxins within the self but also aids with medical ailments, sicknesses that doctors cannot understand and externally aiding one to be energetic and revitalized. Negative energy has consciousness. Evil or bad energy does not discriminate and affects all walks of life causing spiritual imbalances in this world. People are seeking holistic ways of living and there are so many imbalances in everything we do from our food, environment, people, media etc. Spiritual Cleansing is here to bring people back to their true self and create a better world. Politically there is no answer, socially it has failed and in our discussions the answer must come from divine direction! #revivethesoul

5. The Journey within is a complex matter and requires one to master their ego to ascend to the higher realms of consciousness. It is beyond the conjecture of what one reads in books and visually sees. Our development into this world questions why is this tree here, why are the stars in the sky, what is rain and we try to understand the world around us to understand the environment. Classical Islamic teachings address the journey within by going from the inner to understand the outer world. For example how Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) left his environment required him to be withdrawn/detach in seeking answers and nearness to God. Elements of divine law established in the Holy Quran is to guide man back to the straight path. Path of oneness with God is complex and one would need to perfect their faith and go through sacrifices to be near to our Creator. The need to have a "righteous" teacher is to guide one to the esoteric teachings to understand the higher sciences. Islam is a cultivated religion of peace, serenity, moral standing despite of what it means to uninformed people. The Journey within starts with submission and ends with submission. Open hearts will understand we came from God and we return back to God and in understanding our soul we understand our existence. #peaceloveandlight #eradicatenegativityfromthecore #healingisbelievingpodcast #revivethesoul #rebalancethespirit #spirituallifecleanse #saveasoulsavehumanity #wearespiritualbeingshavingahumanexperience

6. What is Assurity? Fundamentally having a firm belief in knowing or ascertaining in whatever is happening is happening -is true.It is not false.How one acquires assurity is through spiritual means, dreams, practices & through classical teachings of Islam one goes through a spiritual development in building the character of the student. As the student keeps rising the veils within get uplifted and with each milestone of enlightenment the student is rewarded with gifts from the teacher to the teacher ultimately from Allah SWT.We know from a healing perspective when dealing with human spirit it is sacred & to be treated with a great deal of respect. Assurity doesn’t only mean spiritual vision it also means the ability to feel. It is through the healing that one gets the 100% assurity & you know how you were feeling before the healing being in a state of greater negativity & now are feeling lighter, peace & airiness.A transition has occurred within oneself. Einstein talks about the theory of relativity. Relativity is a measure of time from one place to another. Understanding the theory of relativity in healing is feeling something else was present before & now and there is an upliftment. The state of mind of the individual has changed to a greater level of awareness.This feeling is very subtle & different in comparison to attending a religious seminar as the spiritual healing is awareness of one's own body and surroundings. Seeing is knowing & feeling is believing. Healing is truly believing. Assurity in healing is phenomenal & miraculous in knowing with assurity that the healing is in the hands of the one that has perfected their faith with righteousness is gifted with not only divine truth but divine light to help & heal all of humanity. God created us all & loves his creation. It is through the awakening of great spiritual masters is to recognize our true purpose individually as we are here essentially to serve the needs of others. This can be truly reflected in understanding the life of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) & his family how they sacrificed their life to serve humanity & propagating peace. #getcleansed #clarityisyoursuperpower

7.Just launched understanding the world of Magnificent & Miraculous podcast. The importance in reviving classical Islamic teachings gives one true reasoning in reference to mans purpose of creation to existence & the journey of this life. Previous Prophets & "Friends of God” had & have healing abilities for their faith is perfected in righteousness & oppose all falsities in this world that are in disobedience to the commandments by our Maker. And in turn- the Almighty has gifted these sacrificial gracious, sincere, kind-hearted vicegerents/messengers with phenomenal gifts. Such as pure healing (divine energy) to guide, steer, help humanity back to true god consciousness. The divine light from such entities is able to heal & purify the heart resulting illumination of the soul. To recognize the blessings & be in the company of God’s beloved serving as a pure vessel to humanity is not only miraculous in their sweet essence but also a light filled with inner divine wisdom. God has many veils & to understand Him is understanding consciousness. We are seeing more in the world today a lot of negativity stemming from high stress, anxiety, mental health, depression, suffering from medical ailments that conventional therapy does not fully heal or help to get to the root of the problem. The pharmaceutical route can serve as band-aids only to further affect ones organs and create an imbalance upon withdrawals of meds in the long term. At the Divine Clinic Foundation we understand everything is energy and when there is misalignment in oneself - the heart needs to get spiritually restored to its original essence in being purified so that the negativity within, external and ancestral is removed from the core. Everything happens with the will of God and so does the awakening of ones consciousness stemming from reflection and asking with sincerity for strength & guidance. Spiritual health is the essence in living a fulfilling life. We are apart of a realm that is much larger & in understanding ourselves from the inside we can then only come together & work in cohesion with true peace,true love & illuminate true light.For True miracle workers are those closest to God and so does the awakening of ones consciousness stemming from reflection and asking with sincerity for strength & guidance. Spiritual health is the essence in living a fulfilling life. We are apart of a realm that is much larger & in understanding ourselves from the inside we can then only come together & work in cohesion with true peace, true love & illuminate true light. For True miracle workers are those closest to God and metaphorically “poor” to this world. #veilsofgod #godconciousness #sevenlayersofconciousness #listentoyourheart #purifytheheart10x #peaceisintheheart #eliminatenegativeenergy #revivethesoul #betruetoyourself #truthwearsnomask #honestyisthebestpolicy #essenceoftruebeliever

8. We just launched our 8th podcast episode Is Imperfection a Perception? When a person's inner state is afflicted negatively one must understand from a healing perspective what is negative energy. What causes one to become in a negative state which then affects their well being described as burn out from stresses such as mental health, anxiety, chronic fatigue, medical ailments, depression, suicidal thoughts to even dealing with the traumas from a loss of loved one? It is important to understand that the exoteric practices will not get to the root of the problem and therefore one needs to understand esoteric knowledge towards understanding negativity, negative states and negative energy and ancestral negativity that affects people. Negative energy is intangible and so is esoteric knowledge. God asks us to reflect in our journey of life everyday and it is important to remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience in this world. What is our true life purpose? People in negative charge states are not able to push themselves to understand what is causing them to feel in a low state and resort to band aid treatments. The more one functions from the outer accepts that "negativity" is a reality failing to understand negativity stems from external, ancestral and internal causing massive cellular disturbances affecting ones entire well-being. Fundamentals in all major faiths is to be true to oneself when they are feeling “off” and recognize that just like there is negative energy the cure is through pure light turning darkness into light i.e restoring one back to positive energy by rebalancing the spirit. Peace is our make up and is attainable for all in the universe. And truly in understanding God’s mercy - he loves his creation and loves it when his creation is near to him. "Amongst my friends there shall be no sadness, mourning or grief." (Qur'an 10:62) Connect today to revive the soul and live your highest and best self. #spiritualcleanseistheantidote #honesty #truthistruth #peaceloveandlight #healingisbelievingpodcast #peaceofheartispeaceofmind

9.Just launched our 9th Podcast Series of Healing is Believing titled the Necessity of Intercession Episode today. Through intercession one plugs into God via a clearer channel for connection to our Maker for we can’t ignore we are surrounded in an environment of ancestral, outer and inner negativity causing our “pure” channel to become foggy, inconsistent and even cumbersome. Man’s greatest test is their ego and the beloveds of God have sacrificed this life to become one with God. Intercession is not a novelty.  For the role of intercession is present from places of worship such as Imams at Mosques, Pastors in Churches, Rabbis in Temples, CEO's in corporate structures to even parents at home. In essence, intercessors affect our daily lives and above all - at the end of the day we are reporting to the Almighty God. "From him we came and to Him we shall return." In the healing concept there is a level of structure and we look at those closest to God are able to help people and in return people look to them as inspiration of righteousness. We are humans that have to be in constant check with our hearts so as to make sincere intention daily with pure dedication in seeking nearness to the Almighty. To be close to God is beyond the daily prescribed prayers, recitation of Holy scriptures along with performance of good deeds. This is why God says, "Seek the path to those whom have been favored.”(Qur’an 1:7) God is unlimited in his knowledge and wisdom. This is his realm and we are created for a purpose and the ultimate purpose as the journey of life unfolds is to live a conscious life in serving Him. In seeking and searching the one that has “perfected their faith” aligns oneself to a higher source of reality. Surely in association with who is closest to God - one witnesses and attests to the miracles- for beauty of miracles is something not to forget in all Holy scriptures. We read mystical stories of Prophets and Messengers of God and understand Prophets of the past were intercessors to their people for there is a need of strong leadership to prevent negativity affecting daily lives. On a healing perspective "friends of God” represent “TRUE BELIEVERS.” (pureness in every aspect). In seeking the “favored” leads one to understand core purpose of people's suffering too. We see today people are struggling with spiritual distress due to misunderstanding, miscommunication and the role of a intercessor is not to alienate us but to unify to us for there is a massive imbalance affecting our communities. It is through spiritual re-balance one can live in the reality of truth and be the best version of the self. As always #peaceloveandlight #truthwearsnomask #yoursoulknows #thisworldisanillusion #divineloveisthegreatestforce #divinelightheals #askandyoushallreceive #godisgood #revivethesoul #spiritualcleanseistheantidote #purifytheheart10x

10. Just launched 10th Healing is Believing Podcast Series - today we discuss about the Reality of Magic, Amulets and Potions. By and Large there is a reality to Magic as it is stated in the Holy Scriptures such as Torah, Gospels & Quran. Magic takes a form of something and distorts the natural balance by affecting the spirit of a human being. Everything in nature is set by precise laws. The universe circumvents in its own perfect calculations and the same applies to how human conditions thrive in alkalinity verses acidic bodily conditions. When people are harnessing magic are in essence changing outcomes in accordance to ones desire. This is not only blasphemy but this is dangerous as people become victims with personal attacks happening on their homes and families leading to lasting effects. The metaphor to compare this scenario to is how passive smoking has a reality of causing effects to those through second hand smoke. When a person goes to someone to change an outcome that is not done by the will of God and not through a pure way such as prayer, reflecting, reading Holy Scriptures is in fact harnessing a power of unseen of the dark forces. These realities are real as it is not available to see by eyes (conjecture) but stated in the scriptures that there is dark energy and there are spiritual healers that prescribe Amulets (which vary in size and make-up) affecting the human spirit. Some people say wearing certain amulets balance their spiritual position; however, we already have everything in our bodies. While there are many spiritual healers and there are those that prescribe amulets as a so-called prescription drug these formulation have a specific purpose and harness a power of unseen from the lower level of consciousness. Anything that is natural does not need any of these items. Surely when someone has God they do not need any items but if the connection is dim - purification of the heart brings the soul to light and revives the connection to the Almighty. There is darkness and light and if a spirit is imbalanced light can only rebalance the spirit to its original position. Truly, divine light breaks negativity from the core resulting in soul revival. The use of amulets is not a modern notion as it pre-dates Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism. In fact, Aztecs, used them to store negative power. Then there is the notion of people wearing amulets for blessings - then the definition of amulets becomes open. However, there are people using amulets derived from negative in nature and not positive in nature. This is why intention is very important. If a person is in a negative state and wears the amulet and is not spiritually cleared - negativity increases in the individual and the soul goes into oppression and suffers. Every human being deserves to be liberated through cleansing of the heart, living harmoniously and understanding its core purpose of existence - submitting to God with heart. When people take matters in their own hands rather than performing acts of goodness such as feeding the poor or go to a person to unify two people by force is ungodly. It is to be known many spiritual people have two sides as there is good and bad and surely those with God do not mess with such things such as prescribing amulets. Surely God gives from one hand he takes away from the other and anything unlawful has consequences from God’s decree. Surely God does not leave anyone without guidance. The fundamental essence of this knowledge is that it is important to turn back to God consciousness and allow through realization good things and blessings to open up for mankind. People must be aware- they cannot dictate their expectations to other people on what they are seeking to do by playing with “energy.” The danger is people are self-medicating and there is a lot of spiritual malpractice. The Divine Clinic Foundation is here to help people understand importance of being clear #peaceloveandlight #truthistruth #lightuponlight #everythingisenergy #healingisbelievingpodcast #purifytheheart10x #revivethesoul

11. We just launched Episode #11 of Healing is Believing Series in how Disbelief and Ignorance Leads to Harm. Surely we can see when there is lack of education there is lack of awareness. The truth is the truth and when we look at the world in its entirety we are looking at healing is paramount to our spiritual health. Healing starts within ourselves. The seeker is a wayfarer -and a seeker needs to tread on the path of truth and the wayfarer is one that has an instinctual understanding that this world is temporary. God is the ultimate truth. For He is the Lord of the worlds and yes there are many paths to God. The challenge is staying firm on the truest path. The essence of true Islam is in need of revival for people are turning to God but mental health, spiritual health, physical health, emotional health all are suffering due to the state of the human spirit.  God says in the Quran "From this day I have perfected your religion and completed My favor upon you.” My question is why are people suffering with rampant cases in the rise of negativity being labelled as depression, mental health, stress, anxiety, etc..? Why are we condemning alternate solutions to people? The problem is not from the physical source but rather spiritual pain the individuals are experiencing. For a tablet cannot get to the nucleus of our problems. Spiritual healing is vital for man’s understanding and truly becomes alive from in the guidance of one that has perfected their faith. There is a massive spiritual decline in humanity today. Amongst God's attributes which are “Rahma and Raheem” one can appreciate the tiny miracles that have been bestowed upon us such as how many times the heart is beating to the gift of a breathe. At the same time -God distances Himself from his creation and seeks his creation to come near to him through self-reflection. Remember -Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) spent the best part of 20 years of his life in the cave connecting to the Almighty. There are over 6000 volumes of Hadiths that one can refer back to the insight and revelation of Prophet’s insight . It is through spiritual insight one can then take personal accountability in understanding himself and in turn understanding his Lord. This then results in becoming assured. Before assurance there is only hope. To embrace spirituality there are different levels of assurance. A true spiritual teacher is one that can purify the hearts and guide one in to trying to achieve in being close to the Almighty. The most important thing is the journey starts from consciousness and that stems from leading with the heart. #purifytheheart10x #godconciousness #peaceloveandlight #truthwearsnomask

12 A Just released episode #12 Ancestral Energy from Healing is Believing Podcast series. Ancestral Energy affects every single person on this planet. Only a small fraction are discussing this subject matter. Ancestral energy carries over and influences people as seen in not only in the physical make-up but there is an unseen component as well. Why is it that today we are seeing rampant amounts of psychiatric disorders in children? Anything that is affecting our genetic make-up  - there is something more that meets the eye. The ones in psychiatric care and help are truly hearing and seeing things. This reality to those around may seem to be numb because of the consciousness level of the individual. However, those affected truly do feel and see “unseen" because they have entered in a new negative reality. It is important to understand in spirituality consciousness -as there are levels of consciousness and then there are downward negative levels as well and this is the dark dreary worlds that nobody seeks to go down. There are healers who are putting their souls on the line to tackle such negative energy in saving individuals.  When there is no spiritual guidance and people feel they can read from scriptures because they can take matters in their own hand need to understand the consequences. The operator to remove negative energy such as a healer has had to put themselves through a lot of darkness to succumb and handle in bringing one out of darkness to light. Medications are well and good but what is it doing to the spirit of the individual? Through spiritual healing the spirit can be rebalanced. Almost everybody is at a spiritual imbalance in our world today. There is a lot of disbelief and misguidance. The truth is there is six degrees of separation between us all and we all know someone who is suffering with mental health, medical ailments, depression, spiritual affliction resulting in affecting households. Ancestral energy is not something to look down upon and understand the force of negative energy. This negative force will overtake someone and because it nature is traumatic people shy away from sharing their experience. The build up of ancestral energy affects one’s spirit and the spirit is supposed to be a protection of God but then why are people suffering? Ancestral energy will continue to grow if this is not dealt. The Divine Clinic Foundation is here to heal all individuals regardless of race, ethnic, age, gender, social class.This topic requires further discussion and to be continued next week with our spiritual ambassador Dr. Isa White Muhammad for The Divine Clinic Foundation. 

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12 B Featuring an extension of last weeks episode Ancestral Energy with Dr. Isa (aka Vibert) White Muhammed, Imam Saab and QW, Ancestral Energy affects every single person on this planet and if its not healed it will carry on as seen in people saying it is generational curse and people think eat and live the same way resulting in nothing gets healed.  Ancestral Energy is many times overlooked. It comes from feeling nothing is going right for us. A negative lifestyle. A generational curse. In the Americas there is a conglomeration of different belief systems. All of them are seeking to find some way to heal. A generational curse example is seeing families living the same way. The Divine Clinic Foundation is about a total life change. A whole life cleanse. A Baptism. A new way of Life. Not religious based and not boxed in that is why The Divine Clinic Foundation is unique and beautiful. When one is seeking - he/she is looking for truth and justice. Curses are causing people to suffer - and a need to understand goes deeper than the eye.People are hurting and it may seem backward but reality is people are striving to find some type of peace. A Holistic cleanse that TDCF offers is simplistic and pure. Holistic is the foundation of the universe. For example in the US life is about large and living bodacious to find happiness and if people are not happy we are living in a decadent society. People need the “Avengers” to come in and clean them with a type of force, manner and speed for we are living in a very dangerous time in our society and there needs to be a breakage of generational curse and negativity that has created a toxic atmosphere for a new world order. Negative energy is alive. Many people in the middle of night wake up with paralysis.Why does this “suddenly” happen? There is a super natural element and negative energy is not something to be bargained with or mess around with. Many people of leadership are telling the followers who come to the congregation to read the Holy scriptures and pray. The reality is the level of understanding of prayer for these people who are in a highly negative affected space are below the consciousness than an average person. Truth is they called a man 1400 years ago by the name of Muhammad “mad" but there was a reason of his connection to the mountains for 20 years. He was connected to a higher power. The family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) including the Ahul Bayt are completely aware of the sacrifices in being close to our Maker. We need to understand leaders of communities do have knowledge but it does not mean they see through with the EYE OF THE HEART. The vision from the EYE of The Heart allows one to see things through a different level. Can a blind man lead a blind man? If the right question is not asked the people have to seek help else where. If people do not take heed to what is taking place they will get destroyed. Truly "many are called but few are chosen.”  The great words of Imam Ali (A.S) "Belief is greater than blood.” And it is important to understand that a lot of sacrifices came before us so that we can enjoy living in the comforts of this illusion. If the wars before were not fought there would be no guidance.It can be seen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was practicing esoteric knowledge and that is the way for one to gain insight into spirituality. We are seeing generational curses and it is not something to push under the carpet. For you were a spirit in the heavens before the physical body came into creation.

13. Just launched Episode 13th Healing is Believing Podcast –Dreams Interpretation. Featuring Dr. Isa White Muhammad, Imaam Saab and QW. When someone has a dream where does one go for guidance? Dream is essentially information and is access to outside this physical way of life. It is another dimension. In understanding God- He is “Rabbil Alimeen.”He is Lord of not only of this world but many worlds.  Dreams often describe our spiritual states and it is beneficial for one to seek a spiritual master in understanding their dreams. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has left the blueprint and after his passing there are those in ranking to our Maker who understand matters of higher consciousness. Dreams are representation of an individuals state. Those who attain a higher level of consciousness comes about when the body is purified, the heart is purified then only the soul is able to permeate outside the body. This is when the union with God happens. This is why the saints/friends of God who are on a higher realm of normal believers. There are many levels of believers. There are believers who believe and fulfill sharia laws, believers propagating truth, believers risking souls by fighting injustice and negativity. Surely, for a believer true guidance is important for mankind. And dreams are messages and often time revelations even to those that are suffering. It depends on the spiritual journey of the individual and interpretation of them is not something one googles to find answers. The essence of a spiritual master importance is one who has a pure heart of righteousness and purified in their existence. We are living in a complicated world and there are many teachers and there are many sacrificing their lives for humanity and in seeking nearness to our Maker – it is important to seek the one who understand beyond conjecture. Dreams are interpretation of the unseen. There is significance from dreams to dimensions such as the number 7 signifies to all faiths seven heavens and likewise dreams are messages and communications. We are in a time where the world is truthfully spiritually lacking. Every year homes are checked, annual health and dental check ups are done, cars are serviced, when was the last time one surveyed their spiritual state? Why is this not being spoken by heads of communities? Jesus was born without an aid of man- speaks volume in terms of spirituality. We are all beings of energy. This is why a spiritual life cleanse is about waking up ones spiritual state and feeling the higher truth that there is a higher power.

14. Today’s podcast discusses “The Healer as a Vessel” with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammed. We all have an innate ability to help and heal each other through our efforts as there are many modalities of healing from medical, mental, physical and spiritual -for healing manifests as God’s saving grace. The Divine Clinic Foundation represents healing and rebalancing of the spirit - Spiritual healing. The spirit is the essence of all mankind and rebalancing it through purification allows one to live their highest and best self - especially in a time of extreme negativity as seen in the rising cases of medical ailments, mental health, suicides, depression, trauma, etc.. As an individual if you are seeking for answers you go the appropriate personnel in attaining help. How does one get information to help oneself? There needs to be order amongst the chaos. There needs to be a level of trust and true understanding. To understand what is a Pure healer - they themselves must go through a purification process of inner illumination and then radiate outer illumination. This is following the path of Holy scriptures,righteousness, truth - all leading to oneness of God. Through the sacrifices of this world then only the PURE healer can have attained gifts by God’s divine favours and becomes a healer that God has destined him to be from helping, healing humanity - saving souls - as a vessel of God. While people are achieving certain level of consciousness and feel a sense of awakening; however; there are seven levels of consciousness and within each level there are 1000’s and 1000’s of veils. There are levels to understanding spirituality and due to the lack of spiritual leadership in the world today there are many random services claiming to help people -it needs to be noted where is the consciousness level and ranking of the healer taking the responsibility to help? People randomly calling to seek help without understanding the elements of higher consciousness will be underserving the client. The pure healer is one that has a higher consciousness of the outer realms due to his union with God. When there is no guide- there is no growth. We have read in Holy scriptures and historical texts to understand the embodiment of a perfected being is in true union with our Maker as seen by Prophet Moses (PBUH) red sea parting. This example explains why today man needs to go back to the classical teachings of the saints and then can reach a path of perfection within themselves. Surely- healing is the way to happiness. Happiness is to be cleansed from all negativity stemming from ancestral, personal and environmental. There is the physical healing such as the example of a mother who understands botany - and secures herbal plants for her children to make them stronger, mental state healer through the sciences and then there is the spiritual healer such as mystics - likes of Prophet’s Isa (Jesus) & Prophet Musa (PBUH). Spiritual healing is the greatest of all healing as it makes one vibrant and alive. The healing at The Divine Clinic Foundation is pure, holistic which is the natural course of the universe. One should not take it for granted that anyone can do this type of healing- as this is led by a special emissary of God helping to restore absolute peace in man by the Qutb. For we already see in the world there is a great deal of false happiness and even so what is the essence of true love today? True Love surely comes to an understanding by those who have been purified and witness the light of truth. Our body is our machine. Not only does one need to perfect it physically but nourish it spiritually. Food for thought- just know the difference between those who feed your ego verses your soul.

Just released our 15th podcast series Healing is Believing - titled The Divine Cleanse. Featuring QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammed. Surely extraordinary gifts, powers and skills are granted in God’s wisdom and at God’s discretion.The divine cleanse comes in a form of a blessing through God’s vessel to give one a tasting of the favors reserved by God for His friends. When we talk about the Divine Cleanse it is about being a better person mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. For many of us- Muslims are presently practicing Ramadan. A month of fasting - is about to feel the suffering of previous Prophets and pure believers, to disciplining oneself and sacrificing to be a better being. The divine cleanse in conjunction with the water cleanse gives one a deeper understanding of Ramadan in terms of purification of the heart and brings about an appreciation through the depths of our soul by a true awakening and revival of the soul and reestablishes the connection to our Maker. For example, there are three stages in the Holy month of Ramadan broken down in 10 day cycles. The first cycle being mercy followed by forgiveness and then safety. To truly understand the essence of these cycles through the divine cleanse brings about a new body, a new thought as one goes through a spiritual metamorphosis. If we do not have the ingredients to remove the old and bring the new then what have we accomplished? The essence of the divine cleanse is to be a better being and to take on the spirit of believers for all of us are embraced with a spiritual essence. A lot of times we do things because people are doing it and from the exterior and it looks like one great big play but to those who experience the cleanse surely the practices brings purpose and deeper clarity as opposed to rituals that lack the essence. The service of the Divine Cleanse is being offered just like Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) offered a message and the Divine Cleanse is an offering too and also just like Jesus said 'you eat this and you will remember me, you will become a new person, worthy of my Father.” If we look around we must ask why are people looking sad doing Ramadan and or the frequent question being asked "how is your Ramadan?" What kind of question is truly that? If the individual represents a Ramadan in not doing so well- then what is the condition of the individual’s soul? Unfortunately, with the passage of time Ramadan has become a main stream commercialized month when it is truly a personal journey for a month of discipline.And in understanding the Islamic lunar calendar Ramadan yes annually brings a reality of blessing to the world (from people reading the same book, opening their fasts at the same time, there is no question to which Hadith are you reading as the beliefs are the same universally for Muslims this month). This shows the beauty of God and that how this has been laid down by the Prophet (PBUH) their family and the companions before -sacrificing their lives so that we can read the Holy scripture with comfort today in the world. The beauty of Ramadan represents that one should not be celebrating this fast just for one month but everyday. In understanding this essence we we look at the pious ones. For the pious one are fasting not only from the food but from the “fitnah” of the world and how it affects the soul. This month is a cause of deep inner reflection. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, "one hour of conscious reflection of the Quran is more than seventy years of prayer” and those with lower level of understanding might take this extreme way of looking at things and not understanding the essence understood of reflection. We all know Prophet spent 20 years in the mountain and he brought the embodiment of perfection to the people and came to show the people we should not stop striving. Ramadan helps to align the inner and outer resulting in speaking the truth and thereafter one is then walking the light of truth as can be seen Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) represents truth. My friends, the struggle is not with friends or family- the struggle is with the self. Ramadan is a personal experience of fasting so that we can be accountable to ourselves through fasting of the mind, heart, feet and by doing these things the inner dimensions starts opening. The divine cleanse is about giving one a platform and going a step higher without attachment of negative attachments holding one previously down. This is why we see people are struggling mentally, physically and spiritually. God is very giving and Ramadan is about understanding yourself. If you don’t understand yourself you won’t understand your Lord. We can only spread peace by being in peace within ourselves. Surely, the opening of the heart is how one can attain peace and not through fear. Reality of Ramadan is that it has many spiritual dimensions and if one is guided by a teacher aids to unlock many fruits and we are truly grateful everything that comes from this podcast comes from the heart of our teacher. God truly listens to sincere prayer and is giving. The appreciation of Ramadan spiritual purpose brings deeper meaning to other bigger months in the Islamic lunar calendar from “Rajab” the month of giving to Muharram. We are not tackling social sphere we are here to help you to understand yourself and in doing so understanding the world.

Just launched our 16th Healing is Believing Podcast series. The subject of discussion today with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa Muhammed White is Spiritual Accountability. Some people are of the understanding Spirituality is Mind over Matter? For there are people with perception in saying that there is no such thing as negative entities. Some even claim spirituality is hypnosis and takes over one’s mindset and that it is not logical as they are looking at it from a perspective of conjecture. The statement is predominately held by people of mainstream for they can only understand from the physical world and nothing beyond the realm of tangibility. For example- what are your thoughts and what is your mind? The mind and thoughts in itself are intangible and these are specific to each individual and they are part of the human condition specific to the person- part of the fabric of human condition. It is important to have an understanding of intangibility like in understanding our Maker. When people do not understand -they have not reached a state of higher consciousness and end up having a mindless discussion over mind over matter and because they cannot understand -they conclude that matters of the unseen does not exist such as negative entities. For example so many people pray in the direction of the Mecca whose hearts are empty and minds bogged with day to day issues and spiritual distress as seen affecting humanity today.  Our question is who is responsible for you? The Divine Clinic Foundation is ultimately a spiritual hospital but who is ultimately responsible for you? Many people align themselves with a spiritual guide. However, a true spiritual guide understands the science of the soul. We need to ask does your guide understand the spirit? A true spiritual guide is not about using Rumi poetry to heal and not just about informing of the greater good - all of these things are well about attaining a certain level of consciousness but not about clearing or cleansing and getting to the core of the matter and living from a higher conscious living. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) understood the realm of the unseen for he could see angels as recorded in the narrations. The reality of healing is through healing individuals individually and then there can be a peaceful and harmonious community. When there is a lower state of belief and limited understanding behind the make-up of the man of perfection i.e. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) then “they" have not understood his spiritual essence. If one does not understand the full essence how can one enjoy the flavour? A book in the bible called Second Timothy says a man of God is supposed to preach the word of God and if individuals are going to the spiritual hospital or mosques,  if the work of God is not being done- so then whose work is being done? Is it the work of Satan? Why are the heads of community not doing this type of cleansing? One can say that they do not know or is it really about questioning lack of faith. Look at what is happening today in the world -are our leaders willing to be accountable and take matters on the mantle by being a strong disciple? This is why people that are seeking to make a difference -  are putting their lives on the line and not playing safe. If the cleanse is not being done it is though throwing poison into their bodies and one becomes weaker. This is why “WE" are here talking about reviving spirituality in Islam. If there are true spiritual guides we have an understanding of the human condition. Just like the physical body is in layers and so the same applies in dealing with the human spirit which too has many layers. Even the spiritual guides need our help for there is a need to recognize in expanding their consciousness. We invite others who are guides to come forward so as to prevent mindless discussions such as there are "no negative entities" in this realm. The reality is if there is lack of insight on negative forces and if you don’t believe in the forces then that is negating the faith of Islam. In light of this the truth is the heart that is asleep and the soul is crying for help. The soul and spirit are two different things just like an armour over the soul. When the ancestral energy has not been cleared up we see the negative build up and some people have a spiritual disadvantage from birth. The negative entities carry certain level of energy . We are living in the 21st century despite such lengths in medical advancements people are experiencing extreme cases of stress, mental health, suicides, depression. Truly God signs are everywhere. The Qutub can rebalance the spiritual states of the being so there is removal of negativity in the spirit. If we don’t fix ourselves. we are our own problem in getting true sincere help. Many people would say we are crazy but reality is we belong to the same camp of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) 1400 years ago and they too called him crazy.  For we are in a time where many people are "flat lined"- they are spiritually dead. There is no real doctor. There is a need of the right doctor with the right prescription to eliminate the negative energy so that the being can live in a harmonious state. It always starts with the individual - we can say God is responsible for us. However, you will be judged on the day of judgement. Seek the wisdom of spiritually guided. The true winners are those who go to Allah and back. The true help comes from those who have reached the divine gates and they are far above what anybody has achieved in terms of what people have achieved. #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #thedivineclinicfoundation #saveasoulsavehumanity #healingisbelievingpodcast #peaceloveandlight #believer #spiritualhealthmatters

Just launched our 17th Healing is Believing podcast series discussing Revival of the Higher Heart with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammed. To understand the concept of the heart is one we take on with stride. Reflection is very important tool for a human being for hindsight allows us to formulate better concepts to our future. In looking at the heart not only is the heart important to submission to our Maker but so is the body. In doing both in equilibrium brings about a total balance to both our inner and outer selves. For once this is achieved then one can start going within the higher states of consciousness deeper within the heart. The cases we deal at The Divine Clinic Foundation is with people themselves that are spirituality afflicted in a negative way. No matter how much they pray or recite the Holy scriptures is not enough to take them out of their negative state into a state of balance. How do we get to the state of balance? The core service of Divine Clinic Foundation is the life cleanse that rebalances the human being at a spiritual level and then their physical body to work in tandem. When the body is in a balanced state it works at its optimum function. Such as seen how we need both day and night to function and or if we water a plant too much has its limitations in growth. This is why God says, "No soul shall be given more than it can bear.” Today we see the state of the world is truly a reflection of our spiritual state. First step of freedom is acknowledging something is wrong and getting help in rebalancing the self. When people are subjected to a lot of negativity in their lives they can barely get through in reviving their heart. The pure can only be purified in the hands of the pure and there are levels of pure. The heart knows when the pure has relieved the heart through feeling. Such as the same way the heart is telling one is experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is not a condition one takes a tablet and goes to bed that in the morning everything will be okay. It takes enormous amount of energy to get rid of negative energy. Dimensions of reaching the higher heart is to stabilize our physical and spiritual selves and then start the journey beyond. There are seven levels of consciousness and then seven layers of higher consciousness. There are 70,000 layers of veils in reaching God and then too to understand God’s wisdom is infinite. The understanding of the dimensions of higher heart comes from being in the company of those who are with God such as the friends of God and saints who help to unlock the wisdom of the higher heart. Spirituality is so simple that a fool can understand and the life cleanse is so pure that it cleanses the heart with a revival of thought, a renewal of what was there before could not touch it because the right vehicle (wali,axis, qutub) was not there to help. It is important to have the right vehicle to survive in this toxic world we live in so that we as human beings can live in a harmonious society and who we can be as a nation of people of goodness in this world. Spirituality is not a move towards religion. Religion is an institutionalized ritual. Religion is you form an idea and develop a venue and create rules and regulations and make everybody to abide to certain standards and takes away free will. Cleansing in spirituality is to get you to act how you should have been acting a long time ago. Surely, teaching of scriptures teaches one righteousness which are aspects of a human being and that is the true spiritual self as seen demonstrated in the lives of Prophets, to friends of God to the teachings of Ahul Bayt- and history confirms standing for injustice and truth has cut the lives short at the expense of ego, greed, power. We see the example of pureness in children and we need to get back in being the real children of God. Staying true to yourself and to the spirit of God for 

It is the spiritual people who have access to God’s knowledge for they understand the mechanics of sin such as how one is attracting bad energy to the lower self and when there is an abundance of heavy negative energy there is a concentration on the lower self that explains why people can’t feel God and revive the higher heart. The frequency of the heart is very subtle. The truth is simple  and eradicating negativity through the life cleanse is the greatest gift to humanity in awakening the soul. #saveasoulsavehumanity #thedivineclinicfoundation

Just launched our 18th Divine Clinic Foundation podcast series and today we discuss with QW and Imam Saab “Accepting the Testing.” While Ramadan has come and gone and leaves the essence for the Muslim Ummah to self reflect that through unity we can truly keep our lower selves in check. There are certain conditions for believers who practice Ramadan is more than an exoteric ritual. It is about forming a connection to God and there is a spiritual element which brings people together during the 30 days. It is a month where God has given His mercy to work together as a community. It is through working together as a community peace and kinship is restored, repaired and revived. Ramadan plays a factor in ones life to keep a clean heart, a clean tongue, clean mind, sincerity and these are the elements that God judges as characteristics of a true believer. The benefit of having a righteous guide brings to life the inner teachings and wisdom for one to look within themselves. Part of God’s testing is to learn from our mistakes for example if you are doing something in your work life or personal life it is about reflecting to see what will work and then to seek God’s mercy to transcend for guidance to what was always there. This is why it is very important to have a guide such as the wali -awliya (friends of God) in understanding the mystical aspect of Islam and understand when Ramadan ends the real Ramadan begins. We have to understand Ramadan is about building of character. Character is what builds a human being. Surely, God is aware of your intentions at all time. It is depending on the intention if your opportunity will come through. The spiritual world and connection to God is very special, sacred, and treated with a great level of respect. For those people after Ramadan go back to bad speaking of others

takes one away from worship to God. If you understand Prophet Isa (PBUH) - is a member of a divine group of prophets he was bringing people back to the true message of belief . At that time the scholars were corrupt- when we look at his life and that he was offered by Satan if he stopped spreading the word of God- he would be offered seven kingdoms. Jesus knew already he had access to the greatest gift. Basically, the mindset needs to be changed and see every test is an opportunity and intention to get one step closer to God to righteousness and in return life will become easier. We see athletes do intermittent fasting and great scientific proof in the medical industry fasting helps the physical body on an exoteric perspective as physical purification. Likewise if one prays and reads holy scriptures does not necessarily make you a better person. The key element is that the lower self of a man is the spiritual state one has to overcome is the biggest test to humanity. The divine cleanse offered at the Divine Clinic Foundation is not for everybody because it is such a pure blessing for it gets one to the pinnacle of unequivocal truth. Truly the ones who appreciate it are the ones who are in extreme negativity and seekers of divine intervention. The intercessor is the purified vessel that can uplift the negative energy and gives one a higher level of energy and higher consciousness surely exists coming from a high spiritual station because they have the wisdom directly from God. We need to understand the true essence of Islam is lost today for we are regurgitating the same information. The deeper spiritual context of these months needs to be looked at as Ramadan changing your character. We should be emulating the lessons of Prophets in the Holy books and it is by Gods favor he has placed the likes of Noah to Yusuf in the Holy books as characters to emulate. When we talk about forgiveness and see the story of Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) who was left for dead by his brothers due to the jealousy for his love he had for his father and he was tested and then later forgives his brothers - shows how God almighty is aware of your daily intentions. Trauma in general to children is very sensitive and with Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) was chosen and you see that trauma did not affect him being detached from his family, left in a well - speaks volume. Purification of the character is the greatest thing and once character is perfected then one can walk on the esoteric path. Otherwise you will come on the esoteric path and just seek power. Unfortunately, many people practicing spirituality in Islam are hurting people for the wrong reasons and people are getting help from such people affecting their lives and members of their households further. Start with yourself and end with yourself. Work on yourself to get on a higher consciousness pathway. Anger does not get anyone anywhere. Building of character throughout Ramadan - can then only be sustainable for character is who you are and it is consistent. There is no reason to be one way with one people then another way with other people. #purifytheheart10x





Just launched our 19th episode of Healing is Believing podcast series. Today’s discussion with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr Isa White Muhammed dissects Dealing with Negative People. We need to examine in understanding emotion it is energy and we are beings of energy on a molecular level. Some people emit more negative energy more than others. This is why those who are spiritually infused can feel the heaviness of the negative person’s energy. If you don’t understand the bad energy and you feel the person may be doing bad things to you it will play with your mind. Satan will not enter the mind unless you allow it. Ultimately it is you who can take the negativity to the heart. Then this possesses greater danger causing a personal imbalance. There is a great need of humanity at large in being spiritually balanced first and then one can understand how negative energy affects us. We need to stand for the truth and if we become emotionally receptive to everything we become reactive and draw in more negative energy to ourselves. There are many people who claim to be spiritual healers and tell people stories to sway one and create doubt in swaying their minds. Once doubt penetrates the mind it grows like bacteria and it contaminates the self as the very existence of doubt causes agitation

and affects the heart. The side effects is one then decides to take revenge. Basically what we are saying is don’t be reactive. If you think someone is hurting you - connect with the Divine Clinic Foundation to help in understanding the negativity you are

experiencing deeper. The truth is the only thing that awakens the heart for surely speaking the word of God is the unequivocal truth. To understand the element of truth you have to find the ones who are committed towards the salvation of you, salvation of mankind and willing to be truthful at all costs. You have to find the "Isa" that is stern on God’s message. Once you find them then you have to deal with the truth because cleansing means breaking the negativity and its tough and rough. Just like the liquid castor oil no one likes to ingest during a body cleanse but its purpose is to cleanse the body from toxicities. The ones of you are feeling negative you need to ask are you willing or ready to change your life and be much more fluent and fluid? It is important to seek not only spiritual councillors but even greater is the understanding of the essence of the message in why a spiritual life cleanse is necessary in our time.




Just launched our 21st Healing is Believing Podcast series. This podcast discussion is on Spirituality and Children with Dr. Isa White Muhammed, Imaam Saab and QW. Spiritual children is really about conscious parenting. When children are raised with a spiritual upbringing brings about inner strength in a child so that a child can be more fluent and understand what is God. We are not talking about religion here. Spirituality is an inner connection and listening to the God within you. Once children understand spirituality he or she becomes a better being. A child that has a spiritual base is less likely to be depressed or involved in negative behaviours which is so prevalent in the times of today. We see the rising cases of depression, mental health to drug abuse . We as parents have to embrace spirituality ourselves and embrace spending time in nature and listen to God within us so that the children can emulate these positive qualities. We see when children are in a negative space and there is constant arguing this not only affects on the physical level but the spiritual level and imbalance

to the children’s spirit. With life comes sacrifice and if one aspires for the worldly life then there is an imbalance in the children’s lives and then have great problems later in life. The child then grows up one day to be a parent and carries that emotional energy forward .The spiritual cleansing of the home offered at The Divine Clinic takes care of the negative energy in the home. Negative energy hangs around -from ourselves, ancestral and in our homes. What happens to the children coming from those homes?


We are seeing effects of a longer delay in development of children. The speech is coming at a later stage in many households. The whole society is becoming technological advance but we as a family are becoming spiritually backwards. What children have and adults lack is innocence. This is why divine inspiration runs easily through the child unless the adult has attained spiritual perfection. Humanity at large is helping impoverished communities all over the world. Truly the way to learn about oneself is healing through the suffering of others. Children follow what you do. If you pray, meditate and are in tune with the inner self children emulate those examples. The point is we have to cleanse ourselves. If we smoke the kids smoke. if we look at porn they look at porn. They are not going to do what you say but rather what you do. The end result of beings that have understood this concept is that they will be in the world but not of the world. This is due to understanding and working from a higher plane of consciousness because when you tap in a higher consciousness we are here to empower everybody all of humanity. Therefore, a parent is a link between parent to God and children look at the characteristics of their parents. The problem today is that children are being sidelined

and lives are busier as life is harder. Every single relationship in this life teaches about yourself than about the person you are with. We have to teach our children unconditional love. Unconditional love is true happiness and then one is on the way of spiritual awakening.


One has to be completely cleansed to get there. We have knowledge at our fingertips but asleep as a nation. The children are the backbone of any society and it starts with ourselves to avoid these geo political. Are children suffering with nightmares, seeing things that are scary, acting up? Then the sanctity of the child’s spirit is in your hand and understand the Divine Clinic Foundation is to help here to rebalance the spirit through the forty day life cleanse program.


Just launched our 21A Healing is Believing Podcast series and today we discuss about Spirituality and Family. This podcast is an extension to last weeks discussion of children and spirituality. Joining QW is our co-host Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad. When we talk about spirituality from an Islamic perspective this is rarely discussed on public platforms. Most often we hear Buddhism, Humanism &

Taoism being discussed of in our world. Islam does have a spiritual framework and when we discuss spirituality at the Divine Clinic Foundation it is about one becoming wholesome and one within themselves. In order to make the world more peaceful comes through self awareness and then through the family. This is because the family is the pillar of a community and in return a society. We are talking about a new concept of psychology. This concept helps us to create a better person. Helps to develop a better emotional person. Everything should not be responded in an emotional rage. It helps us to think clearly and helps us to become more spiritual to the God within us and God around us so that we can become more loving, compassionate and caring. Why is pure spirituality not available at a mosque or a temple is because we have run away from the nucleus in our time today. Our society has evolved as seen in the world today how parents are working multiple jobs in the world and not focusing on spiritual intelligence. The second problem is technology and how it has become interfaced to everything we do. Always seeking the next comment on social media posts and have made one a slave to the systems. There are certain things we need to understand that to create a spiritual centre in one in so that a better world is created. Such as children respecting parents and parents beginning to talk more with their children such as "what are you grateful for today, John?” This type of question brings about spiritual intelligence and results in true happiness. Surely, we understand the bigger the truth the greater the resistance. If you look at Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) life how his uncle was against the teaching of oneness and becoming purer of the mind, purer of the heart, to open up the soul and show the secrets of the soul. When the Prophet (PBUH) lost his first son and his uncle was saying, "how can you be a man of God - God has taken your son away.” This is hard to digest when Prophet is getting divine revelations and being as God’s beloved - he continues to be tested. Surely, the pure believers God distances them and keeps them safe guarded despite of the worldly hardships. This world is a test for a pure believer to carry on with the message of truth in the most dire of circumstances and to understand belief is greater than blood as we constantly have to fight for our beliefs. This requires to be forth coming and embrace the truth. Embrace the difference you are making. The human soul is so profound and we are talking about this on a deeper level since the time of Adam. If we understand that we are living in a world of God and with advancement of technology one is being moved sideways rather inwards. It is a paradox God is closer to you than your jugular vein. Therefore, if you are seeking for pure guidance we ask you to seek those closer to God. Sadly, children are moving farther away from the 70,000 veils to God and are unknowingly creating more veils in getting closer to the Almighty- as seen in the lack of communication skills and lack of engaging skills due to the disruptive energy around them. #timewaitsfornoone

#actionspeakslouderthanwords #seeingisknowing #feelingisbelieving #healingisbelieving

Just launched our 22nd Divine Clinic Foundation podcast series with QW, Imaam Saab, and Dr. Isa White Muhammad. Today’s topic of discussion is Defining Divinity. Divinity is a broad subject. We narrow it down in the perspective of Healing in this podcast. We see people who attend short courses held by teachers of different denominations to faith practices. On an individual level- the highest level of help can only come through the highest channel of healing. This is the divine channel. Healing itself manifests in many forms. We can see when we absorb sunlight how it nourishes our body and we see the interaction of elements dating back to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) time how he would perform prayer to meditation in open grounds and interact with the elements around him. This would cause a deep spiritual connection. Defining divinity in itself is difficult to explain. From the perspective of healing those who have been given “divine” are blessed with healing powers. A pure divine healer as confirmed in the classical teachings is able to assess the spiritual condition of the being and through the grace of God help to restore the balance with the permission of God. God is prevalent in everything. From a spiritual perspective majority of imbalances of the human spirit manifest as physical imbalances. We see that God is continuously aiding his creation to push His truth but it is us human who are unable to listen to the message due to the conditioned environments alongside mans greatest test is his ego. The divine messengers of the past have already laid the blueprint and those who understand spirituality understand too why God says stay true to the Holy scriptures in living a righteous life. The most spiritual of all people was the seal of Prophethood - The Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a means of understanding ourselves would give balance to our inner and outer states. Surely, as stated in the Qur’an chapter 10:62, “Amongst my friends there shall be no sadness, mourning or grief,” These pure friends of God are helpers and exist in communities but unknown to many as means of helping to save lives. Yes, their mission is to help humanity resulting through means of purification, rebalancing the spirit, awakening the higher heart and reviving the soul. We are frequently asked why do we need God in our lives? This is because there is a need of divine intervention. If you look at the state of the world from wars, people killing each other randomly, political and economic powers tension globally, demise of leaderships. Why is there suffering? No matter how many associations are out helping humanity from the UN to non-profit True peace in the world is lacking. This is the essence of divine intervention. We are all looking for solutions from taking pills or herbs as means of temporary solutions- to the alcohol consumption and other forms of escape. The importance of divine intervention is to alleviate suffering and live a better life. God allows us to have free will and choices all over the place. When all else fails what happens? Who do you turn to? Therefore, the divine life cleanse at the Divine Clinic Foundation is very special. You can deny you don’t need it it but looking at you does the car make you feel better, the house makes you better, does the next trophy bring inner peace? When God puts his hand on you then you begin to change. Grab hope to the rope of God. This message for everyone on every level. Wether you are religious or non religious and if you are interested in helping yourself and others we are here to help you to live a life of higher consciousness. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email our team at info@thedivineclinicfoundation.org or check out our services at www.thedivineclinicfoundation.org

Just launched our 23rd Healing is Believing podcast series with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad . Today we discuss upon What is Humanity? Humanity is a multi faceted spectrum of being. It is the be all and end all of everything. The essence of humanity is the characteristics of the noble Prophets, messengers in how they interacted in a given community. In how they interacted between what is morally right and wrong. From the perspective of The Divine Clinic Foundation humanity at large is about a spiritual resonance. It is about integrating on a spiritual level and everyone is vibrating at a similar level. When you look at the communities of the world from Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism they all have light and ultimately there are different levels of light. This is truly understood by the hand of the teacher. In understanding light for example there are people who are spiritually afflicted who are unable to co-exist with other members of society and there are people who are seeking detachment by removing themselves from the social norms because it goes against the natural human state. The difference is one is voluntarily and involuntarily. The people who practice esoteric practices look to detach and ultimately serve to be a beacon of light to help others. Those who are spiritually afflicted have spiraled in a negative state and their light is dim. When we look at the condition of the world – it is not the devil to be blamed but we need to look at ourselves. We have raped and pillage the world of its nutrients. We are to blame the destruction and the real answer of causing this downfall is the ignorance within ourselves. Our teacher says unless you are assured- your belief is shaky and then only everything moves with assurance. The spiritual perspective of humanity is that the soul is suffering and that the spirit is suffering and people are becoming distant from experiencing psychotic diseases to mental health traumas and then labeling these people and telling these people that they are different and reality is these people are suffering from negative energy including ancestral energy- as discussed in previous podcast. The ones who are awakened have a responsibility to help others and let the people who are in religious leadership positions know that they are accountable to their communities. This is the purpose of the Imam’s role. Hopefully they are tuning in with an open heart and are listening to our discussion. Humanity starts with the self. There must be an upliftment of misunderstanding. We ask what is Humane? It means doing good at large, being loving and honorable. The problem is we lack a spiritual conscious? Can we have humanity without a spiritual conscious? It is like can a fish swim without water? The world has gone away from spirituality of self and spirituality of God.  This is why it is so important to follow the footsteps of a perfect guide as stated “Guide us to those whom you have favored.” (Qur’an 1:6) Without spirituality we are doomed towards destruction. Our mission is to pull people as the world is evolving at a very fast pace. We are seeing that it is a very hard world to live and being aware of truths and seeing how people are suffering and knowing there is help out there. Everyone is hoping everyday and that power of hope brings one to true belief through the hand of true guidance. Religious leaders need to take more of a proactive role and see how people are spiritually afflicted. When you look at Islam externally it seems dysfunctional for everyone is saying this community is this and that and makes one sect superior over the other. We need to look into what are the similarities and that is the same book and revealed to the last Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). We are asking those who are afflicted and following a perfected religion that was perfected over 1400 years ago and if their community leaders cannot help them then turn your focus to The Divine Clinic Foundation. If the leaders don’t know -then open a discussion because Islam has all the answers. Humanity can only be better if you are living from a higher state of consciousness- otherwise you are not living. The exoteric teaches one certain disciplines but the esoteric teachings goes within and explains why the hearts are darkened despite being an avid worshipper. Everyone has questions and they need to be answered. Become a seeker for to seek is to find. #peaceloveandlight #thedivineclinicfoundation #healingisbelievingpodcast #awakenthehigherheart #revivethesoul #higherconciousness #reviveclassicalislamicteachings #purespirituality

Just launched our 24th Healing is Believing Podcast Series discussion today on Intuition and the Senses with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad. From a perspective of Healing we as Human Beings are a perfection of God;s creation . It is through the journey of spiritual guidance one understands the inner meaning of perfection. If we were to take the human body – it is an amazing machine. When one is not feeling well the body emits a sign to trigger something is off similarly when a mother is carrying a child and feels something in the womb as the mother is connected to that life force. When we look at those who are spiritually distressed they understand something is not right, fearful and experience an altered state of consciousness. What happens is the essence of purity gets blocked. We have to be careful because we are told to listen to your gut and with the understanding of a lower state of consciousness helps one to overcome the lower self. Once one overcomes the lower self one can understand what is coming from the heart. When you are involved with spiritual practice there is a fine line between the ego and heart and that gut instinct. The Quran is the holistic way in understanding ourselves. However, what has happened is that through industrialization and growth things have evolved and we are not saying not to be involved in business as economics is important for communities to flourish. However, God says in the Quran, “I will test you with your wealth and children.” How many people truly understand that test? On a spiritual path that test brings calmness and tranquility to the heart with the understanding that God does not give more than a soul can bear. The senses are crucial aspect for us to live a life in accordance to the truth. The Quran is a book of guidance, book of healing, book of understanding. God said 1400 years ago he has completed his favor and that is our connection to Him.  If you cannot understand that then you need to get spiritually cleansed and until you have gone through the baptism of purification then only you can go forward in the progression in understanding the soul. Then we can all be living a higher consciousness life emancipating true peace.  Previous podcast we discussed what makes a human being humane. This is where the Book of guidance comes into play. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) gets the greatest respect in humanity as he was given such great foresight and it takes a heart of gold and a heart of divine love to move with that and know that his family would have to endure the absolute truth message he had as a believer. First one must have the sensibility to understand you are living in this world of conjecture and illusion and then how do I take the next steps. There are so many people talking of spirituality and are being awakened. People need to go through the process of purification to achieve the true sense of oneness. God is so merciful and God truly loves his creation as stated in the Qur’an. “So Which of your Lords favor will you deny.” (Qur’an 55:13) Are you truly understanding the favors of your Lord stated in the Qur’an? 

Just launched our 25th Healing is Believing Podcast Series and today’s discussion is Reality on Disruptive Realities. This podcast is with Dr. Isa White Mohammed, QW and Imam Saab. Reality is something that exists. We can feel and touch it. It is the simplicity of life. I have a car -I can see it and I can drive it . I have a house and it has walls and a roof . The reality of the world we live in is that we work this whole life and seek to purchase stuff . In a simplistic form is thinking that such people are seeking consumption as heaven on earth. When there is a disruption of reality such as separation from the stuff such as losing a job and causes to lose the stuff.  Without a spiritual lens you become dysfunctional. This distortion for example causes people to drink, even smoking regular cigarettes to recreational drugs and having sex addictions. The function of this matter means the reality was never real and it was an illusion. It is an altered state. We have a true reality and that is spiritual reality for if something is dysfunction you have the ability to heal. This the reality of your soul. The reality is your spirit. Your reality is not just faith in God but the knowledge in God, the wisdom of the Prophets and existence to purpose of friends of God. We see when there is dysfunction in the community the people blame God. The reality is what exists for you. What is true knowledge of God? That is reality. There will always be a reality and that is there is a God. Unitil you are able to change and develop the third eye- you will never know the reality. We have forgotten our true covenant with Allah. (SWT). There is this distortion of our purpose and even a life long story in service and even that is not enough to take into consideration.  When we look at the world of the spiritual world and spiritual malpractice as well. This is going on and we need to talk about these matters.  What we see in the physical and the physical is just a drop in the ocean, God is spiritual and therefore we are metaphysical. We have a responsibility to everything living including to each other. We have an inherent responsibility to look after our consciousness. We are seeing great evidence of spiritual injustice. People who are involved in healing are involved also demonic in power. This is where people are going in understanding and failing to feel God is within us. If you listen to the right frequency there will be a sense of morality within the self which has been gifted by our Maker.  We must learn to listen to the voice in our hearts. It is very important how we are raised and lessons from elders as history repeats itself. The Quran talks about historical events. It mentions about history on many different dimensions. Many people cant see how a religion perfected 1400 years ago is still relevant. We are living in a time where there is so much information that one can just google what they think is right and can steer off course. We are living in a very dangerous world and patience is becoming less. This is disrupting the natural balance of God and you are going against God in the grain of patience. The ultimate servitude we are here is delivering the truth regardless of the resistance. We see the opposition and the sacrifice the Ahul Bayt went through to morally and spiritually uplift the people. We have to stand up against spiritual injustice. The biggest disruptive reality is by and large in not understanding the spiritual tenants and to turn for answers people can’t turn to their house of worship and so they go outside and they go to people who are not following the right doctrine. The demonic forces have turned them away from and so the protection of God is removed and in the opening chapter is to seek the path of those who are favored. The ones who are not favored are removed from Gods wisdom. We see love is a very powerful tool. In order to love God then we can love each other. If you understand how merciful is God he will guide His creation and God is also the Rahim. God is merciful and God wants you to understand of your condition and understanding of Him. This then strengthens your belief. The world is not toxic the people in the world are toxic. No one community is without the worse of the worse. We need to take those who don’t truly understand and following the rituals without the essence and flavor of God is lost. We ask anybody who has a concern about spiritual injustice then there is a responsibility of those who would like to do something about these matters come forward. There is a massive injustice happening due to all the negativity in the world . We are all here to understand oneness and why are so many of us are in love affairs and seeking this WOW and failing to see Real love. Real love is the love of God and the left over love is for the human. This podcast is also available to listen on iTunes or anchor (link below)Listen to "Healing is Believing - Episode 25 Disruptive Realities" by The Divine Clinic Foundation- Healing is Believing .

Just launched our 26th Healing is Believing Podcast Series. Today we discuss  Spiritual Heritage and we look at ancestral energy from a healing perspective. The understanding when there is a person that is suffering it is important to understand the back end of it. It is a lot like looking at a computer system a front end and back end. There is a lot of pressure coming in the present moment from the ancestral. From the cellular understanding we see how trauma hurts one in the future and a need for the individual to be healed. We see how psychologists deal with similar issues and say that the present will manifest in the future if it is not addressed. On a spiritual perspective we need to respect the fact that ancestral energy affects everyone one of us. When we look at DNA it is coding energy about the self  and that is how modern science is able to look at the make up of a person and see their ancestral traits. For we are a make up taken from pairs. We understand everything is energy and when the energy we are portraying is bad is in essence energy that has travelled from ancestral to present and has not been wiped out. The healing process at TDCF is to clean up the bad code and if it is not cleared up it affects the present moment. The appreciation of quantum mechanics is important. We look at spiritual heritage from another aspect is your faith. It is the light that directs you back to God. Religion today is more focused on exoteric not esoteric and does not allow one to expand esoterically.  Spiritual heritage plays an important role in all of our lives. By taking a look at our current condition we have to look at where we came from. There is a deeper meaning of wisdom in searching where can I find this information. This is why the Divine Clinic Foundation is here to help people to understand themselves better. The question you need to ask is about your spiritual DNA? We need to find the ones who have the knowledge in these matters. Ignorance of self prevents development and makes one living in the lower self. The understanding of ones spiritual condition will never raise and one will carry on resorting to cellular meditation with no real ascension. This is why divine intervention is needed through a spiritual life cleanse as a universal antidote. Why are people perceived as mentally challenged? The root of the matter is people are spiritually in a low state. We need to stop looking at God as ritualistic.  Man is going to say he believes when he believes not as seen during tough times his faith strengthens. A need to refocus all of ourselves and be dedicated like a pitbull. We need to lock our spiritual states in God. Keeping the deen/faith  is tough as there are so many external things outside in the systems of the world and those things are pretty. Failing to recognize those are often times make you dirty and if not careful you fall into the trap. We need to get back into our spiritual DNA, an awakening, a renaissance everyday. You must take ownership within yourself to get help. For surely there is a lack of gratefulness towards God. If you are not awake your life is a prison. 


Just launched 27th episode - Healing is Believing Podcast Series. Today’s topic of discussion is Spiritual Injustice with Dr. Isa White Muhammad, Imam Saab and QW. We have a duty as human beings to understand God. This is through understanding those closest to Him starting from the Prophet to thereafter those who have the direct blood line of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to also carrying the soul and spirit of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as manifested and documented in history friends of God -The Awliya/ Saints- aiding humanity towards righteousness that carry the Mohammad-ian light -depending on their spiritual

ranking and nearness to Allah are blessed with divine favors from God in healing humanity. We see this beautiful story manifested in the Qur’an how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sought his companion -Salman Farsi to even Hazrat Khidr (hidden friend of God) not having direct lineage to the Prophet but carried the spirit and soul of Mohammedan light and truth. This explains why Prophet declared Salman Farsi as the Family of the Ahul Bayt (family of Prophet Muhammed PBUH) and reinforced by Imam Ali (A.S) on the basis of pure servanthood. Also in the Qur’an Allah told Prophet Musa (PBUH) that there is a friend of God known as Khidr who knows more than Moses and Moses was to seek him and understand Allah's infinite wisdom. Today there is a state of severe misguidance in humanity.

The teachings need to be re-evaluated that are circulating in communities. Why are people suffering since the religion was perfected 1400 years ago? Are teachings based on pure classical teachings? Spirituality has become foreign type with no real experience. The true appreciation with the light of God needs to be appreciated so that humanity can end the feeling of suffering. We are very blessed in our present time to have a teacher as seen through the testimonies of the positive healings in various situations people have been blessed through the vessel of God being given the renewal of life changing experiences illustrated and testified on


website. There is a tremendous amount of effort put in into healing to the said individuals who have been afflicted for a long time. God is truly merciful and the mission of Ar-Rahim Wellness Center i.e. Divine Clinic Foundation is about purification from wealth to self, eradicating negativity from the core through pure spiritual healing. This pureness of the light results in awakening the higher heart and reviving the soul- back to true God consciousness. An essence that is in dire need for humanity in rebalancing

their spirit. The reality is where are people’s faith today? When help comes their hearts are in such a darkened state that they can’t even recognize the pure light. For the truth is pure and carries no doubt or no fear. If the heart is in such distress do they understand the true essence of a believer? The esoteric knowledge needs to be brought to light. We are created to serve Almighty. As a foundation if we look at the teachings of the Qutub (our teacher) is “Remember they all claim to believe in their faiths but in reality have lost faith in what they believe in.” This in itself can take 20 years to dissect and reflect upon this statement. People are blocked from their ancestral energy, internal blockages and can't connect to their Maker and hence causing suffering in human relations to manifestation of medical ailments. It is important to discuss these matters. Those that know about these concerns don’t have a platform to speak from and we are here not afraid to speak the truth as injustices are happening globally.

It is important to push the truth to those who are truth seekers. Faith comes to life when people are experiencing hardship. What about in good times? This is a period if people believed - they could be healed. We want everyone to believe and also understand that not everyone will believe. However, the ones who wish to walk the lives of messengers from Jesus to Moses to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it’s a tough walk but it’s the right walk. It’s a rugged road and it’s a difficult road but it’s the right thing and once you get to the victory – it is beautiful. Do you believe you will be tested? The victory is worth it for the true believer. Leap of Faith and holding onto faith is the essence of having this life and hereafter. Once you are anchored in your faith you have God with you and floating. Allah loves his creation. However, the biggest spiritual injustice is “Remember they all claim to believe in their faiths but in reality they have lost faith in what they believe in.” Look at our inner-selves, outer selves to how

mistreatment of families, to the homeless with lack of compassion and kindness. The biggest spiritual injustice is failing to know our Creator. The greatest high in the world is having faith in His messengers and disciples for the ultimate truth cannot replace

any drug, substance, alcohol that can get one this type of high. The lover for the words of truth is not only you are floating but you put on the armor of strength and nothing can penetrate knowing that Allah is walking with you. Stay tune to the Divine Clinic

Foundation, learn, study, listen, follow, connect, purify your wealth by giving in the cause of pure God consciousness and you too will have the amour of truth surrounding you that is unbendable.

Just launched our 28th Healing is Believing Podcast Series. Today we discuss Spiritual Contaminations with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad. Spiritual disturbance is the normality of this life. Everything that is in this life when it goes against the light of God is the disturbance to God. When we are seeing people imbalanced it is because of the ancestral imbalance they have been carrying. When you use the spectacle of the unseen is about taking the combined energy of the past and not being disbursed. In the present time we see the DNA and energy likes to combine and explains to us the make up of an individual. 

The world we live in today there is misguidance. To those who are trying to step up the ladder of learning more are facing obstacles. We are living in a world filled with ego that affects the growth and everything vibrates on a molecular level. Everything emits sound and light. There is a power to the Quran not everybody has understood this power. The biggest disturbance we need to look first in to look into ourselves. If you don’t understand the human body how can you understand the human spirit? All of us have a unique identity and have to achieve the purpose until the veiling of spirituality is uplifted then there can be true understanding of Almighty. Most people suffering we see it in a physical manifestation coming from a physical self. What is causing this? For example many people fall in love but there are many cases of the love being superficial based on external and if we love that way eventually the love diminishes. When you connect to God he is infinite and we see his love is endless. We need to ask what is toxic around me? What is preventing me from moving forward? Everybody has their own opinion and yet nobody has gone through the removal of negative energy. You can feel negative energy and the removal process requires learning the steps of purification. The very first step starts by removing ancestral energy. In doing so- it will remove so much negativity and fill the heart with love. I don’t understand how people are taking practices from other religions and doing mishmash.  For a Muslim- Islam has everything. However, if you are going to follow the path – it needs to be done wholeheartedly. We are a incorporating a different belief system and then causing problems with our energy. 

There are practices which are ancient -and these need commitment. Due to the ancestral energy there is a hold back of the energy. The kushoo (the conscious) salaat/prayer is missing. God says in the Qur’an, “I have created you from different communities so you may get to know one another.” We need to “love thy neighbor” and that means to respect and get to know your neighbor. Everyone should respect with that notion and know there is no compulsion in religion. Jesus himself prayed and prostrated to the ground due to his love for Almighty. What does this mean? There is a mystical science behind prayer and today the teachings of the Ahul Bayt are forgotten which are carried forward and shared in the teaching of the Awliya (friends of God). True believers have conviction in their belief. This is why God says, “Amongst my friends there shall be no sadness, mourning or grief.” (Q’ 10:62) So let us ask, what is more energy intensive? You become a slave to life and forget to become a slave to our Creator.  The message is we all need to be cleansed. The negativity in this world is so heavy. We need to fight the negativity within the self first. This is the importance of getting spiritually cleansed. So that we can be a better self. This cleansing has to take place for this negativity is in all fabrics of our society. It is then we can work at a higher level 7. For seven - is the completion of faith of being perfected. This spiritual contamination is pollution and people need to get cleansed. People need to stop dealing with God as a being there. Who are you fooling? All of you listening need to look at yourself. We implore you try with all your might try and keep a sincere purified mind through prayer and if you get one train of negative thought during your prayer- you need cleansing. Be honest and ask yourself and say - I need to learn more about the importance of this cleansing offered at Divine Clinic. We have a beautiful mechanism called a body meant to clean us but with the negativity look at the state of our bodies today. God is Merciful. He says in the Qur’an, “Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny.” Reflect, wake up, wake up, you must recognize your life without God is nothing. Just see on the website after one encounter how lives have changed testimony after testimony. It starts with you and ends with you. You must take responsibility for yourself cause the leaders are not going to take responsibility for your life. Honesty saves lives and times.

Just launched episode 29 of our Healing is Believing Podcast series. Today we discuss Living for Love with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad.  All praise belongs to Allah to the seen and unseen world. Allah is the true manifestations of truth. When someone asks a question there are many levels of truth depending on the level of the soul as the soul has many manifestations of the truth. The soul is dynamic and not static. Love is very complex and also very simple. The impact of love from beginning to creation is that Allah wanted to be known and took a piece of his light and created everything in existence. This is the noor e Muhammad and He created us with that light from Allah so that there is a higher calling to our existence and us knowing our Creator. Man has fallen in this state of everything and is in dire need to reconnect to that light within for a true self, living in the community with mercy and compassion resulting in a united humanity. It is through the journey one can attain pure taqwa – oneness. The reality is that the teachings of all saints is the light in the highest form (perfect being). The individual seeking to reach this absolute truth must be associated with a teacher as a guide and by submitting the mirror of the teacher’s heart reflects in the student. This idealistic state reflects their teacher and exhibits true spirituality. Religion is given as a form of governance to get back onto spirituality.  We should all seek nearness to God and through finding a guide will help one with their inner journey not self journey because self comes after the journey. On the steps of spirituality in seeking the higher truth and when seeking the purest light is hidden for this is not public knowledge. We can relate to this type of sanctity in the story of Prophet Musa and Hazrat Khidr in the Qur’an; whereby, Khidr knew more than Property Musa (PBUH) and Musa had to seek him. The truth that comes from a high level is to and unite humanity and so that God can be praised in the highest form which is Alhamdulliah. This topic of discussion is around spiritual oneness so that the truths are there and the benefits for humanity to understand. The necessity to have a guide to get you to the next station to the next station and keep rising .We are in a time of unifications and to call all spiritualists together understanding that both the unseen and the seen world are in trouble. The reality is we have a job to do. God reminds us we have responsibility. God has given us the opportunity through loving God and giving Him thanks we can receive the higher bounties and able to serve God. “Whoever, saves the life of human being, it shall be as though he had saved whole of humankind.” (Q’  5:32) Listen to "Healing is Believing- Living for Love- Episode 29 " by The Divine Clinic Foundation- Healing is Believing . ⚓

Just launched 30th Episode of Healing is Believing Podcast Series. Today we discuss Spiritual Children. When you study and search for God- God surely comes to one based on his/her capacity and intention of insight and knowledge. Through the blessings of the teacher of truth and light in our time reviving classical Islamic teachings known as the Qutub, teaching students such as the likes of Imaam Saab, QW, Dr. Isa White Mohammed and many others is a message of pure god consciousness coming through to the listeners from the one truly connected to God for the greater good of humanity. Therefore, when we look at guidance in terms of inner wisdom for children we have to look at the parent. The saying is that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The parents need to show that their home is a place to pray - a house of worship.  As we commemorate during this time for Muslims across the globe the martyrdom of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grandson- Imam Hussein (A.S) in being a perfect example to humanity who stood up for justice and truth, - similarly we as parents need to portray good examples for our children to follow to better humanity. We can’t emphasize the necessity to want our children to follow and be not only mentally, emotionally, physically but spiritually strong. This is important for if a child is spiritually centered is less likely to be depressed, smoke, drug abuse etc.. No matter where you live in the world whether it be in a Muslim principle based country or in the Americas, or in the Far East we all have the same problems communities are facing. When we have a spiritually centered child we have a better world. We want our children to emulate the words of God. Do you want your children to live in a better world? Do you want to spend 1000’s and 1000’s  dollars in psychiatrists? Do you want to spend 1000’s and 1000’s of dollar in medication? We should celebrate a new life of children being spiritually strong and aware. The bible in fact talks about children will bring about new spirituality in the new age. If the house is spiritually centered then the words of God will be heard. If children see verbal abuse they too will do the same. If they see poor eating habits they will emulate these habits.  We have to understand children are intelligent. Mothers have a great intuition when something is not right but when there is an imbalance in most cases they do not know what to about it because the disconnection to the feelings, and faith. It is important to keep peace and order in the house. Often children we have become blinded by our institution and these children are expressing something deep. There is a reality of the unseen. We are not here to strike fear but to explicitly say even children who do not have capacity to speak English have the capacity of seeing God’s creations of the unseen. When children are smiling they are not seeing you they are seeing angels. To believe in God is to believe in the angels. Its important to nurture what they see and do not dismiss it. If you have a child that sees something then understand the child is very sensitive and if nothing is done to help it will affect their development. In America under the age of 10 we are seeing so many cases of children under psychotic medication-how has the world become like this today? When 1400 years ago God has completed our faith. We are taking the humanity out of children. We ask the leaders what is going on. The reality is everything is in the Holy Book and is miraculous with every recitation and reflection. At the end of the day- it doesn’t matter if you are not of the Islamic faith this clinic is for everybody. Messengers have come before and still coming. The message is simple turn towards God, connect to those who connect to God for they are the ones who know God. We see the significance of Atonement is for example so important if this is not done it accumulates for the next generation and the next generation. God loves us so much and God has commanded for us to be clean by purifying our hearts and we have failed to remain clean. If we want to understand what is happening to our children from hallucinations, aggressive behaviors-  we have to be much more aggressive in our understanding.

Just launched our 32nd Healing is Believing Podcast Series. Today we discuss the Saints of God with QW, Imaam Saab and Dr. Isa White Muhammad  This is the golden age of reasoning but no one is reasoning. In every single religion saints hold a high status for they are in human form but their reverence towards God is much higher and this is why it is stated in the Qur’an “Amongst my friends there shall be no  sadness, mourning or grief.” (Q’ 10:62) Truly we as humans understand fear is something we all daily encounter. Those close to God are detached from all human systems and are able to uplift mankind given through status. Those who are touched by a saint are never the same again. If you take the time to read about saints and read their lives they all share a common denominator to where they were and how they got there. They are in servitude to God and each one of them had to undergo a great sacrifice. There’s a responsibility in becoming purified. All prophets are messengers but not all messengers are prophets. God mentions in his description of the degrees of ranks, nearness where prophet has a different role in bringing the people to obedience and a messenger is a warning or a message of glad tidings. Today in the world there is a loss of believers due to lack of surety in faith and not understanding that we are all beings of energy .For every action there is a consequence. God says to be kind to all of his creation as you may never know who you are smiling to when walking down the street. A person who is a saint walks in hand with God and they don’t do anything intentional to make a sin or mistake. We have many saints who are doing magnificent things and the saints presence is to usher in a new world. They take place from one world to another. They present a message that you may not want to hear but you can never say on the Day of Reckoning that you were never told or given the truth. We don’t want to recognize today the saints because we live in a society that looks at saints as someone that is flamboyant but sainthood is someone who is humble and can go as far upon as having no standardized education with credentials. Many scholars argue that when Jesus walked the land was not appealing and people would say he looks like a pauper at appearance. However, these beings were so special and as seen became great prophets including Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We need to look at it the saints as something very special. Listen to the truth for you can tell a saint by their facial look – there is a special halo around them not necessarily entailing a long beard with turbans and garbs. Sainthood is very special, sacred and important to the fabric of humanity.  The belief in the saint is paramount for if you do not believe in saints your faith is not complete. You just don’t know who can change your life at a blink of an eye. Prophet Muhammad PBUH advises in every era advises there will be a guide  to aid humanity and failure to recognize the true guide before death he/she dies as an infidel. The guide/saint represents the “Perfect Man,” –aka the Universal Man and carries the light of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) representing his Holy Family. It is the Muhammadi truth, rays of the first manifestation of existence beyond time, luminous. God may accord this honor  to whomever He wills among His servants. When was the last time your consciousness benefited from your heart selflessly? This is the problem with human creation today has an expectation in treating others how you expect to treat others. Remember God is above everyone and it is from him the Blessings come. Next time think in your interaction how would the saints have interacted. For many Muslims anything to deal with spirituality is looked upon not as part of faith. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent 20 years in isolation to be with God. There is a conscious need of meditation and reflection. This is not ritualistic. God can give a human being with the right understanding. This is why God says go to people of understanding. Those who understand go seek those people. “Guide us to those whom you have favored.” (Qur’an 1:6) No two healers are the same. When you deal with negative energy it affects everyone. We need to be more conscious and look inward. Criticize yourself before you criticize anyone else. This is a spiritual journey that you have to go through yourself. The Divine Clinic Foundation is a hospital and is not here to change your faith. This foundation is the only place that addresses negativity. We ask all spiritualists to come forward so that we can become cohesive with our communication together. 

Just launched Healing is Believing podcast series episode 32B titled, “The Saints of God” with QW and Dr. Isa White Mohammed. In understanding the saints of God- they are born with a certain demeanor different than others and their level of consciousness is higher than normal people. An example- the Islamic saint will always have an attachment to Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his Holy family (Ahlul Bayt). The saint of God also believes in the miracles more than anyone else. This is because they are beyond the actual conjectural understanding. For the conjectural life is mundane to the saint and on - going . The saint doesn’t become depressed with this but as he’s growing at an age of realization he knows what makes him feel he is and everything else becomes comfortable for him. The understanding of loneliness in exchange of closeness with Allah takes some time to develop and by this time comes into play - he is very comfortable. In essence he is one with the universe and universe is one with him and then the remembrance of Allah is much in his demeanor and life, i.e. “The Universal Man” Whatever he achieves in this world is of no matter because the baraqah (blessing) is still the same whether by much or little by perception. This is where God is speaking through his soul and as the universe becomes one with him and it starts opening the door of understanding through feeling, understanding and knowing. And then he will be brought certain secrets through the Quran. Through the words of those who have expired these works will be shown him and for the normal everyday man it will be intrigue but for the Awliya (friend of God) becomes a diary of existence. Full podcast can be heard on Listen to "Healing is Believing- Saints of God -Episode 32 B " by The Divine Clinic Foundation- Healing is Believing .

Just launched episode 33 Healing is Believing Podcast Series- The Benefits of A Spiritual Life Cleanse. This topic is important to all of humanity in about understanding who we are, our faith to our true purpose in this world. Spiritual cleansing is one step towards purity. This is very important for all Believers as purity is essential to our faith to all we do. We cannot pray to God impure. It is not just about the clothing, it not just about the surroundings but our hearts, minds and spirits need to be cleansed. If we are going to be a proponent of good – we need to be cleansed to achieve anything. In Christianity cleansing is seen through Prophet Isa (PBUH) and understood through the workings of John the Baptist. The mission was to Baptize people from hand to toe and in effect cleanse the spirit.  In other traditions when people are feeling bad or going through negativity they have a cleansing form too as seen from Aboriginal spirituality, African spirituality, taking certain herbs to drinks so that one can be more attuned to the spiritual world. We live in a period of time where there are toxins and poisons and it is impossible for an average man to think clearly. What can stop this negativity is a total spiritual cleanse. So what is the spiritual cleansing? It reactivates the spiritual state within oneself. It draws out the fluid of negativity. It draws of wanting to do something bad or evil against nature. It makes you a new man. You are purified.  The ancestral negativity is out and evil thoughts surrounding you are taken away. Ever thought walking into a space or building and feel bad? Everyone is doing bad things in the space and you can feel their energies. Have you noticed when you go into a beautiful home on the exterior but there is hostility amongst the people and that is because there is negative energy that needs to be casted out. You see some people who wear beautiful attire but when they speak they are so toxic.  Therefore, the Spiritual cleanse is essential for a new world order. The Bible talks about the new world. How is this going to happen? The Spiritual Cleanse is about being touched by the true spirit of Almighty and once touched you walk with a new step. You have a peace and happiness and people actually think you are crazy. They are like -why are you happy? You are high because have found your purpose in what the cleansing mechanism has transformed you in living your life highest and best self. The spiritual cleanse is a ripple effect - it is good for yourself; it is good for your community and good for our world.  

Just launched episode #34 at the Divine Clinic Foundation – discussing Expanding Universes. The world is truly expansive. Creation is expansive. We need to turn away from the distraction first and from the dramatization of false realities- such as act of consumerism that has taken over our society examples from binge drinking to binge tv watching. If we look within the natural aspect of the world –we will look at the universe on a small scale. The purpose of Islam is to reach God before you expire. When you start looking at universes you don’t need to look at the sky but actually in the depth of the ocean where there is great treasure. We need to expand our horizons and expand our hearts to the truth. It is through the expansion one will understand God is the base of all realities and one needs to accept being the master and pinnacle of every single reality. Faith tells us to look within our hearts. From the spiritual aspect Islam says to look within ourselves. This human body has been created as an imperfection by God. We need to understand our cellular understanding from birth to adulthood and then can understand the spirit of the body and that spirit is the outer shield to keep us strong. Majority of the population is wavering because the soul is not being nourished and people are under affliction. This explains what is happening in the era of 2019 as seen the rampant cases of mental health to stress disorders and anxieties are some examples. God has said in the Quran we humans are protectors of the earth. We need to protect the earth for we are made of earth and from the biblical reference we read from ashes to ashes and Islamic context Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un-“Indeed to God we belong and to God we shall return. We can go our entire life trying to understand God – one can truly not understand God – unless there is a respect factor and then He opens up other things for the individual. God says there are positions of rank hood amongst his creation. Just like in the animal kingdom ranks exist and how all they fit together in the circle of life. It is because of our distractions that take us away from the expansive of Almighty. We ask every single person to take up a science book and see the acceleration of the human civilization. God works his wonders at every single level. This one world is made up of many worlds and surely with power comes responsibility and higher depths of knowledge comes great sacrifice. This is why faith in firm belief of God uncovers the 70,000 veils to reach God. These veils are in place to protect humanity and many people are suffering because the ancestral energy is affecting them. Our faiths are meant to bring us together for discussion not debate. If the animal kingdom can get it together then so we can as humanity. When you look at the religions of the world every prophet sacrifices from Moses, to Abraham, Muhammad (peace be upon them) and thereafter the saints who are helping to bring people together as one. Once the ancestral energy is sorted just like when you get ride of the tar, oil and it clears up –likewise negativity clears up. When you see under the microscope it is very complex such as cell structure and God has imprinted himself in everything even in darkness God will come and even the individual with faith will find God. Your heart is the ultimate detection machine. The people of the time of Jesus knew he was telling the truth. We are here for a purpose- we at The Divine Clinic Foundation are here to help in finding your purpose

Just launched episode 35 Healing is Believing Podcast Series , “Origins of the Soul” with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Mohammed. Every single one of us has an individual soul. There is a purpose for life and reflection on worldly aspect of life whether in business or at home is vital. Progression is key. We have to understand from our religious obligations for progression to occur requires having to seek nearness to our Creator. In doing so your belief becomes firmer and this belief becomes unbreakable. God himself is infinite in his knowledge and how does one connect to someone who is infinite? Then we have to look at the messengers that have come such as from Prophet Musa, Jesus and Mohammed (peace be upon them) but  what has happened today with the sophistication level of technology and information out there people trying to live in the most ethical and humane way by piecing /selecting information to live a way of life. However, when you are taking things and attacking humanity - the very essence that makes you human is lost. We are living in a space where there is misinformation of information and we need to look no further than the saints of God. Those who have been given enormous wealth of information they were and always been spiritually strong. In order to understand the Prophets you need to understand the saints to understand God. We are all from the same line stemming from Adam. We have many messengers as also examples of missionaries and we need to be open in accepting discussions. In accordance to the Quran- we should not speak of what we do not know. We need to be open hearted and open minded with a unified concept.  When we are talking about the origin of the soul- the light wants to progress and it is not just about love of God. We have to understand love of God can become egoistic love. The love of God mission is in actuality to help humanity. We are so fortunate in the west through the Divine Clinic Foundation that when the human spirit is suffering and this can be cross-referenced as mental health- there is a solution through the spiritual cleanse in healing the individual. The soul is the essence and vital to our existence. One is the spiritual and material part of the being. The soul is immortal. God blew into us and now how do we nourish the soul? To feed the soul we need to stay away from negativity and or feed it the right things. We at the Divine Clinic Foundation are about - feed it humbleness, food of love, complete will and servant of God to do what is right. We have to feed it the right nutrients, to do the right thing so that creating a better world can happen with ease. The soul is nothing to be played with and through the spirit of the soul one comes to understand God. What we need to understand is the bare necessity of life and peel back the layers of our life and strengthen our core with worship, faith and devotion and that is why God says go seek a guide to get you to higher dimensions.  “Guide us to those whom you have favored.” (Qur’an 1:6) The heart is the most important orb just like the human heart physically is also very important for it pumps blood through the body. The spiritual heart should not be ignored. What is the essence and am I reaching that state with that current state of nirvana or am I fooling myself? You need to become centered and get spiritually cleansed so that TDCF can help you. The spiritual bath is vital. This is where the foundation helps everybody. You can use the metaphor of a Turkish bath how there is removal of toxins and one or two prayers are not going to reach the individual to  higher dimension.

Just launched episode number 36 Healing is Believing Podcast. Today we are discussing Consciousness is Absolute with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Mohammed. This is a broad subject and need to peel back the layers and go back to the fundamentals of true belief. Albert Einstein- Theory of Relativity was challenged in his time by Mr. Hayer. Everything doesn’t move the way we think it moves. We have scientists dedicating their lives in nanoparticles and then we see the lives of the saints. We see the saints have been dissecting on the esoteric levels. Consciousness is absolute and absolute lies in the true esoteric teachings. Truthfulness is the pillar of true consciousness. If one is not on the straight path of truthfulness then the reality around them is false. True absolute consciousness belongs to those who have firm belief in God, ethical practices and being humane. In the terms of spirituality in a seeker is where the light is strongest and the light will be strongest to the one close to the source. This has always in history belonging to the saints. What is absolute first is to remain in truthfulness and then consciousness emerges. We are drawn to only speak the truth and commit actions in pleasing God but not only through the outer but inner expansion. This is when the light of God emanates. There is mass information in the media and one has to seek the teacher. When one opens their heart and seeks the teacher – the heart opens the veil of the heart. Then each time the veil unveils and there is more submission to God. You have to submit to God and at that time there is alignment in the body and then the true consciousness manifests. There is a spiritual consciousness, which is deeper consciousness, and in understanding we have a spirit and a soul that was breathe into us from Almighty. This gave us a new reality in the seen and unseen world. This is also of the understanding the third eye which takes to the higher level of self. This can happen when we go through an exercise as a standard consciousness. Therefore, when we talk about consciousness it is about the inner heart. 

 Just launched episode #37 at the Divine Clinic Foundation podcast series Healing is Believing– discussing Beauty of Dreams with QW and Imam Saab. The essence here of discussions is of consciousness. When we are looking into aspirations of the world and absolute truth we need to ask what is real and what is false. When we are talking about dreams from a cellular level of reality it is about motions of life and obligations that one undertakes. The reality is that in a depressive/negative state of the human being our goal is to uncover this because all of us are affected by our state of consciousness. If we are on a spiritual path interference of energies can distort ones dreams. The most vulnerable any person is when they are sleeping. We have to look at dreams of the ego and that is when it is serving the self. Our teacher has said they live for two things.They are objective and purpose. This is powerful. If you have a dream and aspiration but what is the intention and what is the purpose? Is it not self- gratification? If the intention changes then the purpose becomes selfless. There is a famous saying in the texts and that is you cannot buy the knowledge of the saints. You cannot buy their love or knowledge that have been blessed from a portion of God’s love and all they are asking is come sincerely to the door of God. We have learned that Islam is a complete way of life. Islam says to understand ourselves. We will be judged for every action. Even the scientists are still trying to figure out God calling it particles. God is in the hearts of every being. The whole purpose is to find a guide and be a higher version of yourself to reach God before you die. We must attain consciousness. When you have a guide your dream is supposed to be interpreted by the guide who knows you better than yourself. The dimensions between the heart and lower self is very paper thin. You have to be careful because you can dip low. If you have a dream it was supposed to be good and along the way the ego came in and it became a test. Dreams are information

and an indication if you are only serving yourself then you are not serving humanity. The spiritual people of the world have reached a stage of consciousness to be a guide to many other people. They provided how to be more well rounded and educating on tools of negative energy which is all around us. From a practitioner level one will say everything is in your head as lower self of man says material things will satisfy you. We see children’s lifestyle – representing full swirls today with over stimulation. We

are taking ourselves in a false reality, false friendships. As a result, the urbanization of our civilizations we find people travelling to certain places to stimulate their core. The start of our aspirations is to serve. Everybody is in a state of distress

and misunderstandings of spiritual affliction. As more people come together understand that this was talked about 1400 years ago as discussions of spirituality were prevalent and one could heal without instruments. Reality is they were of Gods chosen people and this remains true to today. A saint is an emissary of God- a representation of God. We need to give serious thought of what is happening in the world. Get in contact with The Divine Clinic Foundation to help you understand and get solutions to the internal indications that the body is reproducing.

Just launched episode #38 at the Divine Clinic Foundation podcast series Healing

is Believing– discussing The Ego with QW, Imam Saab and Dr. Isa White Mohammed. The ego is the element that we have seen has created tension, warfare, bloodshed, divisions etc. We have also witnessed countries that have a leader feeling they are stronger than another nation- is truly not protecting the natural interests of the people. If people saw the messengers today from Moses, to Jesus and Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon them) people would not be in a position to recognize that they were truly beloveds of God due to their simplistic attire and nature. True spirituality is about in any given moment you are constantly reflecting on yourself and making a positive attitude and positive difference around you. When you study the lives of the Prophets from Moses to Jesus to Mohammed they could walk into whatever scenario and able to change the hearts of people for they were coming to the people as the true essence of God. This can happen only when there is no ego and ultimately their hearts are solely purified.

We know Prophet Suleiman (Solomon) (PBUH) was given such great stature that he was humbled even in front of an ant as described in the scriptures. He was a man of no ego and he was truly a man of God. He was a perfected being that was had a purified heart (believer- essence of all scriptures). If we are not going everyday without remembering God then we have to become the critiques of ourselves. A teacher’s purpose is to guide not to push the individual. The danger we have is if we turn everyone’s heart towards God we must still deal with the ego. We have to move with objective and purpose in life and the true saints are those who have gotten rid of their ego and then only the heart is living with true purpose and objective. Belief is greater than blood. When the esoterics look at the exoterics or when spiritualists are looking at the preachers guiding people with extensive qualifications view their accreditations as piece of paper created by a manmade system. Reality is God is the one who chooses the leader as described in the Qur’an. That is the true calling and this is why when one comes across a pure servant of God -people listen in such presence. For when a person of truth is speaking even to the person of false they are speaking to a person that has a soul.  This is

how we understand from the Bible, Torah, Quran people were living lives of sin and were turned by messengers and saints in living a higher consciousness life to god consciousness. The focus of servitude to God requires letting go of the ego. There are 70,000 veils between God and man and God wants the best of his creation to come to him. If you feel would like to get there and need a helping hand then by getting a spiritual life cleanse from the Divine Clinic Foundation is the stepping stone. In each of us the journey doesn’t stop.  #saveasoulsavehumanity #thedivineclinicfoundation #eradicatenegativityfromthecore #awakenthehigherheart #revivethesoul. This podcast can also be listened on iTunes

Just launched podcast #39 Healing is Believing Podcast series on The Power of Alhamdulillah (All praise Be to God) with Imaam Saab and QW. Gratitude is part of one’s daily practice. When we say we believe in God or any other manifestation of the divine - we need to understand the power of gratefulness is so important. This is the dynamic essence of a human being. The soul that is here in this world - gratuity is when it is in its full manifestation. There are three parts to a being- which is the soul, body and spirit. We are all here following our covenant to our Lord where we were originally once all up in the heavens and promised to keep our covenant by pleasing our Lord. We would be sent to this world to be tested and being grateful is part of the process. Cunningness, greed, non-righteousness, wickedness has no place in the human heart. Purity and purification is that of a state that is maintained through active consciousness. The Holy Qur’an in its first word opens with after glorifying God it says, “Alhamdulillah.” This is what starts the epic journey of the inner-self. God is very specific when He speaks. This is something we need to pause in reflection. Why would God put the word Alhamdulillah first before all other words (which means to give praise and thanks)? If you are intrigued by the meaning of the word in its literal sense -then you will be pleased to understand the enrichment of the phrase to give praise and thanks. The use of classical Arabic is very intense, dynamic and fluid. Gratuity is a sign from God to be in constant thanks to God because if you are not - everything else falls apart. Being in a constant state of Alhamdulillah is amazing and that is the glorification and subtleties of His name. To get to this stage is quite a climb and when going through a true spiritual program through a true spiritual master -it is profound and life changing. There is no monotony in the true spiritual path. If one opens their ears -the answers come to you -which is so subtle and sublime. God is miraculous. You would think it is magical. It all comes from centering yourself in a state of humbleness and serving humanity and serving those around you. Everything happens from Gods outcome. A true master will teach you the essence without you leaving your house. When dealing with people in a state of spiritual distress (this is below the depths of hell-where they find this life is too hard) to many other people this hellish reality for them is just a story. People are living in a dire situation and living in hope. The average believer hopes his rewards are being counted for the hereafter. The believers today are living on a border - line and do their prayers but the heart and lower self are not in alignment. The acts of charity are important in the Holy Quran to help those that are suffering in our community. However, the essence when working on a higher spiritual plane - a higher responsibility and mission is at play as a mercy from Almighty. There is so much anger and build up of hate in our world that it is important in cleansing the built up of ancestral energy offered at the Divine Clinic Foundation to restore clarity and heal the human spirit. The test of this world remains but the individual has sincere gratefulness. For he/she has awakened into higher consciousness and true surrender of god consciousness (TAQWA) through the Mercy of God. There is no more anger in the individual just true peace.The reality of this world is that nothing belongs to you everything belongs to God and we are a trustee of His wealth. The competition is submission of the heart over the lower self.